I am passionate about creating soothing, uncluttered home environments and organised office workspaces to improve productivity and bring simplicity and joy back to the daily lives of busy families and individuals.

Home Organisation Services

Advice Consultations

Advice consultations are available to families and individuals needing ideas on how to declutter their home themselves. An advice consultation would benefit those requiring my advice on getting started using my Simplified Home Living methods for storage and space planning.

Consultation Includes

  1. In-home or virtual consultation discussing your space that needs attention.
  2. Review the space, and talk about your goals for the space.
  3. Space planning – identify what will work and what does not.
  4. Advice on storage strategies and organising solutions/products that will help you edit and
    organise your space, making it more functional, looking spacious and fresh.
  5. Set a plan for maintaining your space going forward.
  6. A consultation may be conducted face to face or virtually (via Zoom, Facetime or over the phone).

Consultation Exclusions

No hands-on practical assistance is given during a consultation. If you need hands-on assistance, editing and organising your space, please look at my ‘Home Organisation Package’.

If you are interested in booking a consultation session, please get in touch via the ‘Contact Page’.

The Home Organisation Package

The Home Organisation Package creates balance and alleviates stress for people with busy lives who are looking for harmony in their home. Life can get messy and living with clutter and disorder within our homes can have profound affects on our quality of life and well been. The Home Organisation Package helps people simplify their lives, while creating spaces that are functional and beautiful.  

The Consultation

Starting with a complimentary in-home consultation, I will review the spaces needing attention, and also discuss your goals and expectations for organising your areas or home. Measurements and photos for project planning will be taken. Honest feedback and suggestions will be provided, along with an estimate of the anticipated hours required to complete your project. We can also discuss your budget for organising the necessary products if needed.


  • I will prepare a list of recommended organising storage products, and a quote detailing effective organisational storage solutions for your space.
  • If your project is large such as a garage, requires installation of fittings/fixtures or you require a couple of rooms to be organised. I will bring an assistant to help on install day. The cost and time required for the assistant will be detailed in your quote and I will discuss this requirement at your consultation.
  • Upon acceptance of the quote, I will source the products. Then I will work with you to schedule an install date.

Edit & Organise

On ‘Install Day,’ I will edit, sort, categorise and organise your space tailoring it to your unique lifestyle and needs. I specialise in curated organisational systems that provide function, style and are easily maintained long after I am gone.


Includes hours spent organising in your home (I book sessions in 4 – 6 hour blocks of time), includes one carload of items for donation or waste removal (excluding furniture).


  • Time spent planning your space and organising solutions
  • Sourcing and purchasing of organising products
  • Removing unwanted items for donation or waste removal
  • Arranging and meeting with a subcontractor or other service providers if carpentry work or alike is required

If custom vinyl labels are required, the product costs and time spent printing and pre-labelling products will be detailed in the quote in addition to the Home Organisation Package cost.


  1. Home Organisation Packages prices vary depending on your project size and the number of rooms needing organising. If you are ready to simplify your home with professional organisation that brings out the best in you and your home, get in touch to arrange at complementary in-home consultation. A detailed quote will be provided within 3 business days after your consultation.
  2. All organisation products and labels (printing & preparing) are an extra cost and that will be detailed in your quote.
  3. On the ‘Install Day,’ I may suggest the use of additional products if required, however, these will be approved by you before being used.


  • Payment for all organisational products are required within 5 calendar days after acceptance of the agreed quote. All remaining charges are required 2 calendar days prior to ‘Install Day’.
  • All payments are to be via a bank transfer.
  • If additional hours and organisational products are needed on ‘Install Day’ the payment will be due at the end of ‘Install Day’ via cash or bank transfer or within an agreed timeframe on ‘Install Day’.


Labels are perhaps one of the more efficient ways to identify and locate the things we are looking for. My clients love the labelling I provide and how it makes their home look smart and tidy.


  • Herb & Spice labels $2.00 each
  • Pantry labels $2.50 each
  • General Labels (S/M – 2cm height) $2.50 each
  • General Labels (L – 5cm height) $5.00 each
  • General Labels (XL – 10cm height) $10.00 each

Postage of labels within Australia $7.95.

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