What We Do

What We Do

Hands-on Organising

From wardrobes to pantries, garages to playrooms, we’ll work side by side or independently to sort, edit, shop for and organise the important spaces in your home. Available per room or for the entire house.

The length of time it takes to complete a project depends on the size of the space I am working on and how much work is required to complete the project.


Home Maintenance

Over time, our homes need maintenance, this includes our pantries, linen cupboards wardrobes and many other rooms. If your home is relatively organised, however needs a refresh or redesign, I can introduce functional organising systems to ensure your rooms stay fresh, orderly, organised and look beautiful. Request that pantry cleanup or tidy up the closets you’ve been avoiding lately.

Alyssa Sharman - Simplified Home Living

What We Don’t Do

Domestic Cleaning

Though organisers offer a hands-on service, keep in mind that they are not household cleaners. Their job is to give you a manageable and decluttered home, office, space or garage.

Force Our Services On Those Who Do Not Want It

When requesting help for the decluttering of another persons home, please keep in mind that as a  home organiser I will not be able to contribute to the process of attempting to organise or declutter the home of an unwilling person.  I can only work with the person who calls me for help.

Force Anyone To Discard Their Belongings

I cannot force anyone to discard things dear to them.  Together we can find ways to reorganise the home and devise systems enabling you to keep those things you love while creating neat and tidy areas.

More About Us

About Alyssa Sharman

As a professional home organiser and founder of Simplified Home Living, I use my natural creative background and love for interior design and photography to create the home or space others dream of.

I create simplified, organised and tidy spaces that function, are user-friendly, look beautiful and most importantly are easy to maintain and enjoy.

I would love to help you organise your living areas or entire home, be it your pantry, kitchen, wardrobe, study, playroom, garage or any other existing rooms while taking great care to respect you and your property.

Alyssa Sharman - Simplified Home Living

About Simplified Home Living

While renovating our home, several friends and colleagues loved what I was doing, and sought my guidance and assistance for implementing organised systems in their homes in a similar manner. I enjoyed this so much that this became the deciding factor for creating Simplified Home Living.

Having an understanding that everyone has their own aesthetic and not everyone wants to live a minimalist lifestyle, enables me to work with each client to help address the problem areas in their homes, creating spaces that work for them, allowing them to feel at ease in their homes with sustainable organisation solutions.

Our Values


Organising is more about giving people back their freedom and peace of mind to help them relax in their new and improved environment. Our busy lives can lead to our belongings becoming unmanageable as we run out of space from storing things.


My work is carried out with skill and integrity. People matter the most.  Each task conducted in a non-judgmental way as I am compassionate, kind, caring and understanding. I will listen to your needs with empathy and patience.


As a professional organiser dedicated to providing organisational services, I am also focused on respecting you and your belongings. Anything you wish to keep during the process of organising, tidying and decluttering is totally your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we start?

For our Home Organisation Package I start with a complimentary in-home or virtual
consultation, where you will take me through your home to show me the areas you need help
getting organised. This is a time to get to know about you and your lifestyle and objectives for
each space. We can discuss how much time I think your project will take and what organizing
tools may be required as well as your budget for materials.

What happens next?

Once we have an understanding of your project and objectives, I’ll provide you with a quote,
detailing recommended organisation products (if required) and the timeframe required to
organise your space. Once you have accepted and paid your deposit I then start sourcing the
products. We then schedule the install day. Then, let the organising begin!

Do I need to prepare for your visit?

I prefer it if you don’t! Allowing me to see your home the way it is, helps me identify where the
problem areas are, without judgement. On my first visit before the physical decluttering begins
we discuss your goals and identify the problem areas.

What should I buy before you arrive?

I am a full-service organiser and will do all the shopping, measuring and sourcing for you! I specialise in finding the right materials for each space so that you don’t have to.

Will I be made to throw things away?

You will not be made to part with anything that you don’t want to. I am there to assist and help you make decisions, however, the final word lies with you.

Do I have to be home to work with you?

​Absolutely not! Many clients prefer to just have it done, and are simply too busy! It’s completely up to you. It’s always helpful to have input in the editing phase, after which, I can work alone, or you can be part of the entire process.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a booking?

We appreciate that your time is precious and so is ours therefore, we ask that you give us no less than 48 hours notice should you require to cancel or reschedule your booking.

What does a professional organiser do?

A professional organiser helps to organise spaces within your home or office, allowing spaces to be fresh, clutter-free, easy to maintain and help with time management. A professional organiser is an expert in clearing clutter, creating systems that work, and teaching you how to maintain your spaces.

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